About Gama305
  • What city are you from?
    Miami Dade County
  • Your sign?
  • A short bio – Eager to work, enjoy reading books of enlightenment. Love performing in front of tough crowd
  • Favorite color?
    Money Green
  • Favorite movie and why?
    Anything Marvel, always gets me in my feelings.
  • What made you interested in comedy?
    Always was interested how comic demands your attention and its a one man show. Love how people gravitate to your testimonies, laugh and call them jokes.
  • How long have you been doing comedy?
  • Share you first performing experience?
    I was very nervous, I was talking fast and no one was understanding my jokes until I said this one joke about “Seeing this girl everyday until I lost my binoculars” people in the back laugh, I took that and exit the stage within 3 min. Till this day, one of the greatest feeling in life
  • Worst performance experience?
    My first paid gig, no one laughed. I have another, one time at a club called ginger bay, this was a night I did not want to go and my co-comic at the time invited half are friends from high school, and middle school, and I completely bomb trying something new NOT KNOWING all these people came out to see us, because they were in the back and he did not inform me until after the show when they came to take pics and said “ I understand your joke”
  • First booked show?
    Tampa Florida within two month of starting comedy
  • What is your idea of the perfect day?
    A QP of some loud OG from my mans M,4 shots of 99 Apple, big booty Dark skin Bae that’s down for whatever. Breakfast at Acqualina hotel by a poolside cabana with tv to watch Netflix, followed by water activities rather it be jet ski or jet packed, by one I love animals so drive through safari while we eat burger fi, head back to Miami G5 or the office spend a lil money with bay for an hr still smoking like Mystikal said, then back home for the rest of that Netflix movie, loud OG, wine and me and bae nudist lifestyle
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Owning everything
  • What song describes you best?
    Lucky Daye “Real Games”
  • Something people may not know about you?
    Ima a nudist
  • Pet peeve?
    Men that don’t act like men
  • Your favorite quote?
    “It is what it is”